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Overview multi-day events & camps


SPRING 2022:  

14th - 21st of May 2022 Bike Park Instructor  INFO  

26th - 29th of May 2022 Rookie Youth Bike Park Camp INFO

28th- 29th of May 2022 Style and Gravity Days INFO

04th - 06th of June 2022 Youth Bike Park Days INFO

16th - 19th of June 2022 Rookie Youth Bike Park Camp INFO

25th - 26th of June 2022 Trail and Enduro Days INFO

27th - 29th of June 2022 Youth Bike Park Days INFO

02nd - 03rd of July 2022 Kids Downhill Days INFO

SUMMER 2022:

02nd - 03rd of July 2022 Ladies Bike Park & Freeride Camp "Girls shred too" INFO

02nd - 03rd of July 2022 Downhill and Freeride Days INFO

SUMMER CAMPS for Kids and Youngsters 5 Days INFO

10th – 14th of July 2022 ROOKIE Youth Bike Park Camp 

254th – 28th of July 2022 ROOKIE Youth Bike Park Camp 

07th - 11th of August 2022 ROOKIE Youth Bike Park Camp

21st - 25th of August 2022 ROOKIE Youth Bike Park Camp


27th - 29th of June 2022

18th - 20th of July 2022 

01st - 03rd of August 2022

15th - 17th of August 2022

29th - 31st of August 2022

AUTUMN 2022:

03rd - 04th of September 2022 Ladies Camp "Girls shred too" INFO

03rd - 04th of September 2022 Downhill Days INFO

10th - 11th of September 2022 Pump track & Jumps fresh up for instructors and guides  INFO

17th - 24th of September 2022 Bike Park Instructor INFO

01st - 02nd of October 2022 Style & Gravity Days INFO

05th - 07th of October 2022 NWR German Wish Camp INFO

10th - 12th of October 2022 Kids & Youth Bike Park Days  INFO

WINTER 2023: 

06th - 07th of January 2023 Freeride Days 

28th -29th of January 2023 Back Country Days

11th - 12th of February 2023 Off Piste Days

04th - 05th of March 2023 Splitboard & Touring Days 


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