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Downhill Race Trainig

Your downhill race training with instant video analysis and line optimization on the World Cup route in the Bikepark Leogang for advanced and experienced bikers.

Content: choice of line, acceleration through high and low relief technique, berms race style, roots, jumping technique, active and passive techniques, floaters, tables, step down, step up, doubles, instant video analysis;

Tracks: Downhill, Valis Hölle and track sections as required;

You need: downhill bike, integral helmet, safety set, neck brace;

Daily on request

Meeting place: Bike School office (Sport Mitterer)

Price: € 85,00 per person/hour € 20,00 per extra person/hour

Level: expert **** my level

Helmets and protective gear are compulsory for all bike activities! Suitable bike clothing and wet weather gear essential! We reserve the right to make last-minute changes to the program for safety reasons (weather).